ST Forum: HDB property tax should be cut, not increased

HDB property tax should be cut, not increased


I AGREE completely with Mr Ridzwan Abdullah, ‘Wrong time to raise property tax on HDB flats’ (ST, Dec 28).


It completes a trend of unreasonable price increases in Singapore. When you add up all the increases in 2007 – bus fares, taxi fares, GST, income tax, tax on utility bills, school bus fare hikes, bread prices and all the trigger effect – this property tax increase is insensitive.


HDB flats comprise basic housing for the people. That the property tax for private properties was raised is a lame excuse for the Government to do so for HDB flats.


In fact, judging from the problems we have in HDB estates that the authorities had not tackled satisfactorily – increased noise level, increased fire hazards, dengue problem, dumping of rubbish in corridors – there should be a decrease in property tax.


For the 35 per cent of us who pay income tax, there should be more rebates to cope with the increase cost of living.


Yum Shoen Liang

Source: Straits Times

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