Wooing en bloc residents: One bank does it right

Wooing en bloc residents: One bank does it right

THERE is an unseemly rush to woo residents of Farrer Court who will be enjoying a windfall now that the estate has successfully gone en bloc.

My kudos to one bank, OCBC, for its considerate campaign which is mindful of the privacy of residents.

It is sad that the custodians of my estate, the MCST 2705, should allow all and sundry to swamp Farrer Court residents. Our mailboxes, void decks and lifts are flooded with fliers from housing agencies, banks and the like, ignoring the fact that residents must live with the litter and discomfort.

IPP Financial Advisers put up a banner to persuade residents to hear them out. Citibank was aggressive, and literally in-your-face in its campaign, positioning staff at void decks to canvass residents, and offering free dinners to attend the bank’s pitch.

The bank had a big placard put up on a massive easel with the invitation to its sales pitch printed, monopolising the space between the two lifts in my block, and every block.

Though attention-grabbing, it is an eyesore and in poor taste. Advertising one’s services can be done in a more professional way without such aggressive tactics which encroach on the privacy of residents.

Take a leaf from the book of OCBC, whose peopleoriented approach pays due consideration to the residents’ privacy.

Lucy Chong Oi Peng (Ms)


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