Reason HDB repairs take two months

Reason HDB repairs take two months 


WE REFER to Mr David Soh’s letter last Friday ‘Why so long for simple repair jobs?’, on why Marine Parade Town Council takes two months to complete simple projects such as repair, washing and repainting of the external walls of HDB flats.

The repairs and redecoration programme (R&R), which includes repainting of the blocks, is carried out every seven years. The scope of repainting works include inspection of external walls for signs of spalling or cracks, repair of the defects, washing and preparation of the wall surfaces, and the applying of three coats of paint to the external wall surfaces.


In between each of these activities, our Town Council’s supervising staff will check the contractors’ workmanship before they proceed to the next stage of work. Sometimes, allowances are also included in case of inclement weather. It takes two months to ensure quality and satisfactory completion.


We wish to assure residents that we will try our best to minimise the inconvenience caused, and seek their understanding. The work is aimed at improving the overall living environment.


We thank the writer for his feedback. If he has more suggestions or require further clarification, he may contact the Marine Parade Town Council on 1800-241 6487.


Png Chiew Hoon (Ms)

General Manager,

Marine Parade Town Council



Source: Straits Times


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