HDB raps it up

HDB raps it up

Despite flak MDA’s video drew, HDB holds tender for rap clip featuring staff


Neo Chai Chin



ITS controversial release last year raised a storm of reactions from bloggers, but that has not stopped the Media Development Authority’s (MDA) groundbreaking rap video from apparently inspiring another government agency to — as the lingo goes — break it down.


The Housing and Development Board (HDB) last Thursday issued a tender to produce a rap video showcasing the “effort, energy and spirit of HDB staff that brought about the transformation of HDB estates from the past to the present”.


The notice, posted on the government’s GeBiz website, said the video would be five to eight minutes long and feature staff from different departments.


Filming is to be done in three HDB estates and the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh.


Although Today understands the video is for the HDB’s internal use only, the tender notice has already incited chatter on Internet forums and blogs. “See, now every Tom, Dick and Harry government agency wants to have their own rap video so that they can be cool,” said local blogger DK.


“One time from MDA is enough,” said forum user Ddeath. “Rap does not equal (sic) being hip and with the times, ok?”


Last year, the MDA produced a video with its top management gamely showing off their hip-hop moves — such as chief executive Christopher Chia rapping: “They call me CEO, hear me out everyone. My aim, a vibrant media hub for the city.”


While the MDA video was originally intended for a staff conference, it became such a hit that the statutory board uploaded it on its website.


But that resulted in many bloggers poking fun at “middle-aged men in suits rapping”, as one user put it, even as a few applauded the “good effort”.


In the HDB’s case, Today understands its management will not star in the video; only non-supervisory staff will be involved.


The video will likely be played during staff get-together sessions, and aims to engage employees the way newsletters and conferences have done in previous years.


Asked if the effort was indeed inspired by the MDA or if it was worried about drawing negative reactions from the public, HDB did not provide an official response by press time.


The winner of the tender would have a month to develop the video’s concept and produce it. The deadline for submission of quotations is today.


Source: Today Newspaper


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