Finally, they get to drive their cars out

Finally, they get to drive their cars out


A FAMILY was finally able to take its cars out for a spin yesterday, a week after the vehicles were marooned when a section of Cornwall Gardens collapsed.


The cave-in, a result of underground work on the Circle Line, left a 3m-deep hole that measured 8m by 7m. The collapse severed water pipes and phone lines and made it impossible for the Sperlings to get their cars out of the driveway.


Housewife Jane Sperling told The Straits Times yesterday: ‘(Works crews) finished the road last night and we were able to drive our cars out of the garage for the first time this morning.’


She added jokingly: ‘We drove by very quickly to avoid falling into another hole.’


Mrs Sperling and her husband stayed at Shangri-La Hotel for two nights and returned home only on Monday.


A Land Transport Authority (LTA) spokesman said underground tunnelling work on the Circle Line had loosened soil on that stretch.


Water, phone and Internet links have since been restored. The road has been filled in and one lane has been reopened to traffic.


The LTA said it will continue inspection and underground works.


To avoid being trapped again, the Sperlings will park their cars outside their house for now.



Source: Straits Times


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