Chiam fulfils walkway promise made at polls

Chiam fulfils walkway promise made at polls


By Keith Lin


The completion of a covered walkway in Potong Pasir marks the fulfilment of a promise Mr Chiam See Tong made during the 2006 General Election.


Yesterday, the opposition MP ‘opened’ the walkway linking the MRT station to the town centre, amid a colourful confetti shower and rousing lion dance.


Hailing the walkway as proof that the opposition ‘will fulfil whatever we promise’, he told reporters: ‘At the last election, I said I will build this covered linkway and now, this task has been completed. We have done our job.’


The project cost the town council $250,000 and ended a dispute between Mr Chiam and Mr Sitoh Yih Pin from the People’s Action Party (PAP), who lost the contest for the ward in the 2006 polls.


Before the election, Mr Sitoh had installed solar lamps along the path where the walkway is now, after leasing the land from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). When some of the lights were vandalised, he declined to repair them, saying that the land’s lease was due to expire.


Mr Chiam, for his part, said it was illegal for his town council to use its funds for the repairs, as the land was not under its jurisdiction. But later that year, the Singapore Democratic Alliance MP applied for SLA’s permission to build a covered walkway with lights.


When contacted yesterday, Mr Sitoh downplayed the walkway’s completion, saying his political opponent was merely fulfilling a ‘long overdue’ promise. ‘Nonetheless, I am happy for the residents.’


Engineer Ricky Low, 41, who was one of the 30 Potong Pasir residents who went to the event, said he was impressed with Mr Chiam’s ‘ability to get things done even at his age and considering the kind of support he gets’.



Source: Straits Times


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