Cornwall Gardens: Road repairs still on

Cornwall Gardens: Road repairs still on


Road repairs, including stabilisation work, are still going on at Cornwall Gardens, following a cave-in there on May 24.

The cave-in created a 7m by 8m hole that was 3m deep. No one was injured that morning but water supply for four homes was disrupted.


The Sperling family, whose doorstep was where the cave-in occurred, also had their Internet and cable connections interrupted.


Currently, cement is being pumped into the ground to fortify it, said Mr Chris Knight Hasell, the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) project manager for the Circle Line Stage 4.


This process, known as grouting, will take another week or so. Only one of the two lanes of Cornwall Gardens is accessible now.


Grouting also helps to stabilise the ground as tunnelling work for the Circle Line’s Holland Village Station continues, Mr Hasell added.


For now, LTA is concentrating on repairing and stabilising the road.


When The Sunday Times visited the Sperling family at their home yesterday, they reported a crack in their driveway leading to the construction site. The LTA did a check and does not think it is new.


The Sperling family stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel for two nights after the road cave-in blocked driving access to their house.


Source: Straits Times


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