Fickle flat buyers diverting HDB’s time, resources

Fickle flat buyers diverting HDB’s time, resources


WE WOULD like to thank Ms Tan Ai Li, Mr Adrian Bek, Mr Chua Chern Pin and Mr Adry Zamani for their comments and feedback on HDB’s new application process (May 24 and 28).

In recent sales exercises, HDB had seen significant over-subscription for new flats. However, some of the applicants did not book a flat when their turn was due, resulting in many flats being left unsold at the end of the exercises.


Many of such applicants had applied repeatedly for new flats in numerous sale exercises but declined to make a booking when called up. Processing their applications diverts HDB’s time and resources away from those with more urgent housing needs. HDB has, therefore, revised the application process to reduce the repeated non-selection of HDB flats in sales exercises.


In revising the flat application process, HDB analysed feedback from applicants who did not select a flat when their turn was due. Many of them indicated that the flat of their choice was not available, that they wanted to participate in other HDB sales exercises or switch to buying resale flats, or were not financially ready. This was despite HDB making available beforehand information such as the location, design, estimated completion dates and price ranges for flat buyers’ consideration.


The revised application process will encourage applicants to think through their housing plans and options carefully before they apply for a flat. Those with specific flat requirements in mind can also consider resale flats where a CPF Housing Grant of $30,000 to $40,000 is available for eligible flat buyers.


HDB will continue to monitor and review the flat application process regularly to meet the needs of HDB flat buyers.


Kee Lay Cheng (Ms)

Deputy Director (Marketing and Projects)

for Director (Estate Administration and Property)

Housing and Development Board


Source: Straits Times

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