Subletting illegally not right way to help

Subletting illegally not right way to help


I REFER to the letter by Ms Subha Rajaiya, ‘Don’t penalise desperate ones who sublet illegally’ (June 7).


HDB rental flats are heavily subsidised and meant as a last resort for low-income and needy families without other housing option. Illegal subletting of these flats is an abuse of government subsidies meant to help such households.


One rental flat that is illegally sublet means one less unit to house a needy family. Therefore, HDB takes a serious view on illegal subletting of its rental flats. We have stepped up enforcement since last year. Where there is clear evidence of abuse, we will not hesitate to recover the rental flat and re-allocate the unit to a family in genuine need.


We agree with Ms Rajaiya that government agencies and the community need to continue to work together to help the low income among us. But allowing a few to abuse and profiteer from rental flats allocated to them cannot be part of the solution.


Mike Chan

Deputy Director (Rental Housing)

For Director (Housing Administration)

Housing & Development Board


Source: Straits Times

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