A complex upgrade, for faster journeys

A complex upgrade, for faster journeys 

:New Woodsville Interchange will cut travelling time by more than half, come 2011


WHEN one of the most complex road projects here is finished in three years’ time, travelling time could be cut down by an average of 60 per cent.


:For example, travelling down Serangoon Road to Bendemeer, using the upgraded $130-million Woodsville Interchange, should take four minutes instead of the current 10 minutes.


The new traffic interchange will also connect key arterial roads Serangoon Road, Bendemeer Road, Upper Serangoon Road and Macpherson Road to the city.


Road capacity will improve by 35 per cent. Currently, roads in the area can accommodate some 8,000 vehicles an hour — come 2011, this will be increased to 11,000 vehicles.


Current peak hour traffic volumes at the Woodsville Interchange are close to its capacity, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA).


:The Woodsville Interchange was built in 1982 and last upgraded in 1994. The latest plans call for three underground tunnels and one flyover to be constructed.


Speaking at the groundbreakingceremony yesterday, LTA chairman Michael Lim called the upgrading “one of the most, if the not the most complex road structure projects” that the authority has undertaken to date.


Construction will take place within the heavily built-up corridors and junctions of Serangoon Road, Upper Serangoon Road, Bendemeer Road and Macpherson Road.


The tunnels of the new interchange will be built over the existing North-East Line and deep tunnel sewerage system.


While traffic diversions should ensure safe passage of vehicles and work, the LTA said, some inconvenience is still expected.


But, Mr Lim assured the community that LTA, together with grassroots leaders, would “work hard” to advise affected parties of what to expect and to minimise disruptions.


The LTA launched a Woodsville newsletter to give the community periodic updates on the project. It will also locate a Project Community and Control Centre — providing updates and monitoring traffic — near the existing interchange.


Source: Today Newspaper


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