Grace Fu: Outlook of Asian retail estate market continues to be bright

Grace Fu: Outlook of Asian retail estate market continues to be bright


Senior Minister of State for National Development, Grace Fu, says the outlook for Asia’s real estate market, including Singapore’s, remains optimistic, notwithstanding the recent shake-up in the global financial markets and rising inflation.


She says Asia will continue to be resilient and the growth momentum across the region can withstand the challenges posed by the current financial and economic uncertainties.


In her upbeat address to the Real Estate Investment World Asia Conference, Ms Fu said Asia still offers a diverse range of investments that can match different interests and risk appetites.


She highlighted Singapore as an attractive location for investments for two key reasons – its strong economic fundamentals, and the quality living environment it offers for locals and global talents alike.


Singapore, she added, is putting in place new plans to further support future growth and sharpen our attractiveness as a magnet for investments and new businesses.


These development plans will open up many opportunities in Singapore’s real estate market, from the provision of quality homes, to new hotel, leisure and retail investment and development opportunities.


Source: 938Live


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