Further expansion at Fusionopolis

Further expansion at Fusionopolis

by Yasmine Yahya


Further expansion has been slated for Fusionopolis, which will add another 50,000 square metres of gross floor area by 2013.


The expansion will constitute Phases 3 and 4 of Fusionopolis, which is envisioned to be a home for IT, media, science and engineering companies.


The expansion was announced by Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang at the groundbreaking of Fusionopolis Phase 2B.


Phase 2B, which will provide about 540,000 square metres of gross floor area, is due to be ready in 2010.


Mr Lim said that with Fusionopolis Phases 1 and 2A attaining full occupancy even before completion, he was confident that Phase 2B will receive strong interest from industry players as well.


“The Fusionopolis cluster will set the stage for the co-location of both public and private sector research labs, which will develop new technologies and inventions for tomorrow. More knowledge workers and companies will be drawn to One-North, as more of the exchanges are developed. One-North is on track to becoming a vibrant community where world class talents, scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs will gravitate, exchange ideas and create economic value.”


While Phase 2B will be comprised mostly of business park space, JTC’s Assistant CEO Phillip Su said Phase 3 will have to include more amenities.


“Last time you could build industrial park space and people would just go there to work. these days, with the researchers and the talent pool, they need more than that. so the general amenities of this area will have to go up a great deal more.”


Mr Su said the tender for Phase 3 will be launched sometime this year, allowing private developers to design, build and own the site.


Phase 2B was the first time that a private developer was allowed to do just that within Fusionopolis.


It’s being constructed by mainboard-listed Soilbuild.


Source: 938Live

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