About Arthur


Thank you very much for browsing my blog!

My name is Arthur, have been in Real Estate Industry since 2005. I was trained to be a Mechanical Engineer, I was with Delphi Automotive Systems Singapore for 7 years as a Product Engineer (Mechanical) before I switched to Real Estate. I am with Huttons Real Estate Group now as Business Associate Director. Am specialized in Singapore Prime District Properties both in Sale and Rental.

Inside this Blog, you will be able to find the

– Latest News on the Singapore Property Market.

– Upcoming Prime District Projects.

– Properties that I am marketing currently.

– Relocation Tips

– Useful Links and Contacts related to Singapore’s Property

Have a good read ya!

With Best Regards,






2 Responses

  1. Hey Arthur. Nice blog. Do you do any investing in the US? My inlaws live in Thailand (they’re americans) and I’d like to eventually see them buy some property but it seems like its pretty difficult, right? Do you do real estate in thailand?


  2. Thats great Arthur. I am involved in Professional Private Placements. I work with clients who have money in an asset account such as a 401k, IRA, etc and show them how to double that in 3 – 5 years.


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