For Sale/Rent

For Sale:

 –   The Levelz, 2 Bedroom, 1001sqft, asking $1399psf or $1.4m


 Park Infinia, 4 Bedrooms, 1690sqft, ask: $1,500psf or $2.535m


 Rivergate, 3 Bedroom, 1539sqft, asking $1650psf or $2.54m


 Rivergate, 4+1, 1690sqft, asking $1750psf or $2.958m 


 Rivergate, 3+1, 1496sqft, asking $1750 or $2.618m


  The Tate Residences, 3+1, 2196sqft, asking $2550psf or $5.6m


 Beaufort on Nassim, 3+Family, 3692sqft, asking $11.8m or $3200psf


  The Cornwall, Studio, 657sqft, asking $1280psf or $841k


  The Imperial, 3 Bedroom, 1464sqft, asking $1844psf or $2.7m


 The Cosmopolitan, 3 Bedroom, 1324sqft, asking $1950psf or $2.58m


 Residences @ Evelyn, 2 Bedroom, 1033sqft, asking $1700psf or $1.75m


 Residence @ Evelyn, 3+1, 1539sqft, asking $1650psf or $2.54m


The Sixth Avenue Residences, 3 Bedroom, 1432sqft, $1200psf or $1.718m


Cuscaden Residences, 3Bedroom, 1485sqft, $2300psf or $3.42m


St Regis, 4Bedroom, 2153sqft, $2926psf or $6.3m


St Regis, 4Bedroom, 2142sqft, $3000psf or $6.43m


St Regis, 4Bedroom, 2756sqft, $3000psf or $8.27m


Buckley 18, 3Bedroom, 1518sqft, $1550psf or $2.35m


 SkyPark, 4+1, 3347sqft, $2240psf or $7.5m


– Other Properties for Sale


For Rent:

 The Sail, 2bedroom, 861sqft, asking $6000/mth 


 Park Infinia, 4 Bedroom, 1690sqft, asking $9000/mth


–  Park Infinia, 2 Bedroom, 850sqft, $4000/mth


 Cuscaden Residence, 3 Bedroom, 1485sqft, asking $8500/mth


 Meadow Lodge, 3 Bedroom, 1367sqft, asking $4500/mth


 D’Evelyn, Studio, 614sqft, asking $3500/mth


 Residences @ Evelyn, 3+1, 1539sqft, $7800/mth


 Lloyd Court, 3+1, 1400sqft, asking $5500/mth


Please contact me if you need further details on the above-mentioned properties or any other properties’ details. I would be more than happy to be of assistance.




With best regards,





One Response

  1. Hi, Arthur

    Good afternoon.

    Currently I own 1 unit of Soleil and 1 unit of Centrio.
    Both are under construction, and I would like to sell them with below condition.

    1. Soleil
    Size : 936 sqf, 2 bedroom.
    25th floor (Above sky terrace)
    Expected selling price : 1600 psf or SGD 1500000

    2. The Centrio (Located in Irrawaddy road, near Novena MRT)
    Size : 980 sqf, 2+1 study room
    13th floor
    Expected selling price : 1350 psf

    Both are negotiable and I would like to have your reply on this.

    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards,

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